First Session

"Chapter 1: Escape"

  • Players: HerrWalter, Swordfish, Tijs
  • Missing: David, MartenS, monster87
  • Experience gained/Total experience/Current level: 2250/2250/3

Several people, who had never met before, found themselves in a jail cell with each other. They were Rallin, a stubborn and philosophically inclined dwarf, Lianne Lightbringer, a beautiful yet naive maiden, Gabriël Lafleur, a happy-go-lucky scoundrel, Valgrind, an introverted bard, and a psychopathic, screeching and cursing halfling, whose name they did not ask.

After a while, the halfling was transferred from the cell and was replaced by a kinder man, Dustin the Wind. It was then that this group started to bond a bit, as they all claimed they hadn’t done anything to deserve their detainment. Seemingly, they had all been arrested while visiting Horizon after being asked their name. The exception to this was Gabriël, who had asked to be arrested. Or so he claimed.

After a few days in containment, a tiefling captain, Akmenos, announced to the group that they would be moved by train to Asgard, Windya’s state prison. He would treat them, he continued, as the dirty criminals they are. Slamming his tail to the ground with each word, he left again, leaving the group to wonder what would happen to them now.

Soon, they were chained to each other, with their hands behind their back, and then blindfolded. After being taken to a train cabin, they were chained to the wall and, seemingly, the journey they would now embark upon would be their last for awhile.

The group could overhear some of the guards as they discussed that one of the prisoners was a “Lightbringer” (which later turned out to be Lianne’s last name) and, because some strings would be pulled, would probably not serve any time at all. This enraged captain Akmenos, who roused the guards with a speech of hatred against all criminals, leading one of the guards to spit Rallin in the face. Rallin took this all stoicly, wiping himself clear on Lianne’s dress.

Suddenly, the train made a lot of noise and sudden movements. The group fell to one side of the cabin, still chained to each other and to the wall. Screaming, falling objects and breaking glass followed. The train had come off the rails. The group stayed relatively safe, since they were chained to the wall of the cabin, but when Gabriël took of his blindfold (without using his hands, of course) he saw that some of the guards hadn’t been so lucky. Two of them had died in the accident. The captain and the remaining guards were trying to hold on.

The cabin had flipped on its side, and the group decided that this was their opportunity to escape. Although not everybody was extremely eager to resist their arrest, nobody wanted to stay in the cabin, where their lives were still in danger.

Captain Akmenos rallied his guards, howling that they would not escape his grasp. A battle ensued. The group was simultaneously fighting gravity and their captors. Gabriël managed to get a hold of the keys that the captain was holding, and handily freed everybody from their chains. After this, Gabriël seemed to mostly hide it out, until the fight went awry: Akmenos had knocked Lianne unconscious. Gabriel then lunged at him and made a great slit in Akmenos’ face.

Ultimately, Rallin the dwarf killed Akmenos. In the heat of battle and with the imminent neccessity of escape, no real attention was paid to this. One guard survived the battle. The others had fallen to their deaths.

The group fled the scene, into a nearby mountain cave. From here, they could oversee the chaos: flames, wreckages and disoriented guards trying to capture the escaped prisoners. They also noticed the halfling, who had been in their cell earlier, escaping, while killing one or more guards.

The group waited until nightfall, hoping to use the cover of darkness to get past the guards. However, torches came their way and they scurried deeper into the cave. Here, they soon found some interesting runes on the cavern walls. They turned out to be in the elven script, that Lianne could read. However, she was unfamiliar with the language itself. All she could make out was a name, “Zanna”. The group decided to follow the runes, hoping they would lead them out again.

It was soon hereafter Rallin noticed they were being watched. They tried calling out to their spectators, but they didn’t react until Lianne asked them who they were in elven. The small creatures turned out to be goblin, and soon they were led to their leader, Mortacn-kos Abhel, or, as the goblin put it, “Abel for you large folk, since you’d probably have trouble with such a civilized name”. Since the goblins could only speak elven, Lianne was forced to act as a translator.

Abel made a request to the group. He claimed another band of goblins was in these caverns and they were having a terriotorial dispute. He asked the group to take out this second tribe, especially their leader, who could be recognized by his red blindfold. The group didn’t really trust these small critters, but after a while of negotiating, they made a deal: the goblins would give them each some of their selfmade weapons and armor. The group would in turn venture deeper into the cave and take a look at these other goblins. If they were really as evil as Abel claimed, they would see what they could do. Oddly, Abel agreed to these terms.

As the group entered Abel’s goblin underground village, it was clear that they were not good creatures as such. There were slaves in the village, elven slaves, who had to do dirty and hard labor for their goblin masters. The weapons and armor were must certainly not selfmade, since they were tailored for medium-size creatures. When questioned about this, Abel claimed the elves had attacked them, and so they had deserved this treatment. The group, although not happy with this, decided there wasn’t much they could do. The goblins hadn’t attacked them when they first appeared, so Abel was probably telling the truth.

The next day, the group set out upon their first quest. They left Abel’s village. As they were armed now, they had a little more confidence. However, they soon encountered a goblin scouting troop of the other tribe. These goblins attacked them on sight, and the group fought back. The creatures were fierce, but as soon as the fight turned, they showed their cowardly colours and fled. The group managed to kill them before they could warn their tribe. Lianne was again heavily wounded, and she exclaimed that these monsters had to have been extremely luck or something, as normally, she could have taken them easily. Gabriël seemed mildy amused by this, but paid no further attention to the girl’s boasting.

After a while, they found another goblin who was mistreating an elven slave. Apparently, the second tribe also had elven slaves. The group intervened and killed the goblin, thus freeing the elf. He, however, seemed unfazed by this and mindlessly stumbled on, most likely to the second goblin village, even though technically, he was now free and able to escape. The group decided to follow him.

As soon as the elf arrived at the village, he was questioned by some goblins. Apparently, he couldn’t give a very satisfying answer to their enquiry, since he was killed on the spot. As his lifeless body fell backwards to the ground, the group was now in full view of the goblin village. The group was in trouble: no way could they take all these goblins.

The cowardly goblins, however, immediately assumed the worst: if a group of five guys had come to their village voluntarily, they would have to be very strong indeed. The leader of the tribe, a hobgoblin, decided to test their mettle and released three rats, all as big as Rallin. The group fought them off. Lianne used this opportunity to scare the cowardly creatures. Calling to the power of the gods, she intimidated them with a huge attack. The goblins seemed incredibly scared, but the tribe leader put a red blinfold on and charged Lianne. The group managed to kill the leader, since the goblins were still to scared to intervene.

As soon as the leader was dead, Lianne now rallied the elven slaves of the village to rise against their oppressors. What followed can hardly be called anything else than a massacre, although the group tried their hardest to make sure no goblin civilians were hurt. Both the elves and the surviving goblins escaped.

The group, looking out on the now emptied goblin village, decided they would not return to Abel and instead continued further into the caverns. Eventually, they found a red door of indiscernable material. It could be opened, they deduced, by someone with enough arcane power. Since Valgrin wasn’t powerful enough, they backtracked a little and followed another path. After a while, they found an exit, climbed down the mountain they now found themselves on, and followed a small road in the direction of Horizon.

Gabriël claimed he could clear everybody’s name, and although the other were quite sure he couldn’t, they decided to let him take the risk. Nearby Horizon, Gabriël asked a guard to deliver a message to the VWP from him. They waited a while outside the citt limits, and incredibly, soon after a rider with a blue cloak returned. He held a letter, he said, for a Gabriël Lafleur. When Gabriël told him that he was Gabriël, the rider seemed a bit puzzled, asking Lianne if it was really so. Lianne nodded, and Gabriël took the letter.

After reading it, he was enraged and tore the letter in pieces. He screamed at Rallin that, because he had killed the tiefling officer, they could not be cleared from their ‘crimes’. Rallin, who told the rest he had never before seen a tiefling and had assumed it was a demon of sorts, apologized and was forgiven.

The group was now asking themselves: what next?



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