Second Session

  • Players: HerrWalter, MartenS, Swordfish, Tijs
  • Missing: David, monster87
  • Experience gained/Total experience/Current level: 2800/5050/4

The group was now asking themselves: what next?

Rallin expressed a desire to travel to Windya to find “titans” and “angels”. Gabriël laughed it off and then told Rallin that they couldn’t, because it had been Rallin who had cut off the only way to get to Windya: the Horizon port. Both Dustin and Valgrind told the others they were happy just having their freedom back. They would gladly follow their new friends in search of adventure. Gabriël said he didn’t care either way and so everyone looked to Lianne. She told the group she was looking for an elven village so she could continue her work. As they were planning, they suddenly heard a scream form behind a hill.

Gabriël half-joked it had to be the psycho-halfling assaulting someone. When Dustin ran over to offer help, however, he saw a soldier being attacked by a zombie, an undead. Dustin screamed that he would destroy the abomination in the name of the Raven Queen, and promptly decapitated the hapless brain eater.

The soldier thanked them, then warned them to get the heck out of there, since there was an ‘elven necromancer’ coming, with an army of these zombies. With the soldier continuing on to Horizon to warn the Horizon Guards, the group asked themselves whether this was a chance to clear their name. Dustin especially was heavily in favor of helping the Horizon Guards take care of the zombies. Soon, the Guards themselves appeared, led by Murwin Holly, leader of the Guards, and the impressive Balathar Uundyr, both on horseback. When asked what they were doing between the soldiers, Lianne decided they would offer their help. A battle against an army of zombies began, with the Horizon Guard gaining the upper hand after a while.

Rallin discovered that these zombies were the former casualties of the Great Train Wreck. After defeating several zombies, Rallin also spotted a woman fleeing the battle. With her was a big, icy zombie. The group decided that it was up to them to take care of the ´elf´. It was later discovered that she was not an elf, but an eladrin. They now had to fight this Unknown Eladrin Necromancer, along with a big zombie. The fight was hard, since the necromancer used cold spells made extra effective by the zombie.

Just as Lianne worried that, since all zombies were once the victims of the train wreck, they might run into a zombified Akmenos, she felt a blade against her throat. It was Akmenos. Lianne escaped and Rallin immediately attacked him. However, Lianne then saw that Akmenos had not been zombified, but ressurected by the Raise Dead ritual. After a while, she persuaded him to join them in fighting the necromancer. His help was needed as well. Gabriël was hit in the face with a large blast of fire, knocking him unconscious. Dustin was killed by ongoing cold damage. Akmenos destroyed the zombie, while Lianne and Rallin managed to wake up Gabriël, who knocked out the necromancer.

Gabriël started arguing with Akmenos to help them revive Dustin, who had died protecting Horizon, since apparently Akmenos had friends who could revive him as well. Before Akmenos could answer, Dustin, who had been cold dead just a few seconds before, yawned as he stood up, completely unfettered. The group was amazed by this miracle, but Dustin could not provide any insight.

Dustin then accused the Windyan government in general and Akmenos in particular of racism, as he was arrested for being a werewolf (and as a shifter, Dustin found this offensive). Akmenos, as a tiefling, a race that had suffered from racism as well, seemed a bit shaken by this.

The group rejoined the fight against the zombies, while Gabriël stayed and watched the necromancer. The battle was soon won. When sergeant Holly, captain Akmenos, Balathar and the rest of the group returned to Gabriël, they found him staring at the dead body of the necromancer girl, with a knife in his hand.

Gabriël claimed the girl had been killed by a strange, cloaked rider with a large hat. Balathar prepared the Speak With Dead ritual, and they pried some information from the eladrin’s body. She had made a pact with a vampire lord, whom she met thanks to her brother. Her actions were revenge against the Windyans for attacking her mother. She didn’t know where the vampire lord or her brother were at the moment.

Holly consulted Akmenos for a bit. Akmenos then returned to Windya while Holly and Balathar talked with the group. In the end, the dwarf offered the group something for their help: Holly would find out why they were arrested. He left, promising to return within three days. Rallin created a campsite all by himself, and the group took a well deserved rest.

The next morning, it seemed Dustin had been assaulted or something. He was lying naked and wounded near the entrance to their cave. Gabriël joked this proved he was a werewolf. Dustin remained unfazed.

That afternoon, while waiting for Murwin Holly and Balathar Uundyr, the gang was assaulted by a group of terrorists, led by a halfling named Jack Smiles. Lianne was too quick for them though. Rallin, again, killed a couple of the tiefling members. After their defeat, Rallin’s behavior had intimidated Jack and so he traded some information to secure his escape. He claimed to work for LAW, a relatively unknown organization that was fighting the Windyan government. The leader of LAW was named Azhkabahn. Lianne had been their target, because she threatened the safety of the world.

After this battle, the group had a serious talk with Rallin, whose behavior against tieflings was becoming a great annoyance to them. Rallin, who had earlier agreed to not kill tieflings on sight, claimed that since the tieflings were trying to kill them, he had every right to sent them back to hell. The others tried to convince him that tieflings did not come from hell. When asked if they could name one good tiefling, Lianne gave a small history lesson. Rallin seemed unconvinced, but agreed that maybe, he jumped to conclusions a bit too soon.

Then, Murwin and Balathar returned. They said that there had been orders from higher up to arrest each of them. Murwin said he would be willing to look into this, although it required communication with far away Windya. If he had to do that, he said, he wanted the group to do something for him, also.

The group agreed to look into the whole business with the vampire lord and the brother of the eladrin girl, to see if there would be danger in the near furute for Horizon. After getting directions, food, a boat and a tent, they headed south. The group started to make their way to the eladrin lake, Lake Emerald.



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