Eight Session

Rise Of An Army

  • Players: HerrWalter, Swordfish, Tijs, monster87
  • Missing: MartenS, David
  • Experience gained/Total experience/Current level: 4000/17800/9

The group decided to travel to the gnome settlement east.

First, Sol used a ritual to conceal their newly acquired fort. Then, they traveled east. On the way, they encountered dozens slaughtered illithid, presumably all killed by General Vir. They discovered a lot of teeth-necklaces, worn by the different leaders of the illithid, but no magical Dragontooth.

When they arrived at the gnome city, Yi-edo, they encountered two small gnome guards, carrying a lot of weapons and equipment. This picture was hilarious to Gabriel and he almost got himself killed because he couldn’t stop laughing. When the group was asked why they were here in Yi-edo, Lianne explained they had defeated the illithid and wanted to claim their riches. The gnomes were polite yet hostile, but the group was taken to their leader, Yaga Uru-noka, anyway.

Yaga was accompanied by an illithid, which made the group a bit nervous. Especially when Rallin announced they had killed a lot of them. Luckily, on discovering this, Yaga immediately backstabbed the illithid, created an artificial sun, and sent the group into a fight with the illithid council, which they barely won. This was mostly because of Lianne, who completely obliterated most of the resistance.

Yaga, surprised the group who had killed over a hundred illithid had trouble with “just a few of them” asked why it had gone so wrong. Gabriel told him they had had help the last time. However, since the group had fought instead of running away, they had won the trust of the gnome lord.

At that moment, however, a small army assembled in front of Yi-edo. At first, the gnomes were afraid the army was out to conquer their mountain city, but it turned out to be a combined army of orcs, elves and eladrin. It was led by Riese Cloudshade and the half-orc who had destroyed Falls Hut, the redhelmet chieftain, who introduced himself as Lucius Lightbringer.

Riese and Lucius asked for a private conversation with Yaga, “no outlanders”. The group waited for some hours, after which the three leaders appeared outside again. Yaga made a speech to the army, telling them the gnomes were now free of the illithid and thus would gladly join the others in the Given Land Army. The goal of this ‘GLA’? To direct the Windyans out of Arcada, by any means possible.

Gabriel asked Lucius Lightbringer why he had now apparently joined with the elves, after blowing up Falls Hut (and Gabriel) earlier. Lucius told them he was a Windyan citizen who had returned to the land of his mother. His father, Eric Lightbringer, had been a worthless father to him, and the ways of the orcs were much simpler. However, when he saw how destructive Windyan weapons could be (weapons, he claimed, he got either from LAW or the VWP), he decided to create an Arcadan Army to combat the outlanders.

The group, having won the respect of both Riese and Yaga, were given one free-pass. They could leave now and work as messengers. They would have to tell the people of Horizon to get out. Riese also gave Sol a letter he had apparently written to himself earlier. This letter gave two options:
  1. Go directly to Horizon. This was the easy way, but it was also less rewarding.
  2. Go to a cave south of Horizon to collect the paragonization orb. This was the harder and more rewarding way.

Lianne had heard of this orb before and wondered why it wasn’t in Windya. The group decided to do it the hard way, even though now their warning to Horizon would potentially come late. In this way, they implicitely told Sol they trusted him now. Traveling west for many days, they arrived back at the Emerald Lake. However, the mists around the village were gone and replaced by thunderclouds. They decided to sail to the city and look around. After some examination, it turned out the city had been taken over by a gnome called Zanna Wrass and a large army of the undead. Velindar Cloudshade had been turned into a vampire, under the control of Zanna. The group narrowly escaped Lake Emerald, almost swept away by Zanna’s great arcane magic. Lianne remembered that Zanna was the name she read earlier in the caverns of Mortacn-kos Abhel, where they had also found the sealed door.

It seemed Arcada was becoming increasingly more dangerous…



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