Nineth Session

A Great Loss

  • Players: HerrWalter, Swordfish, Tijs, monster87
  • Experience gained/Total experience/Current level: 2200/20000/10

It seemed Arcada was becoming increasingly more dangerous…

The group traveled to the cave where the orb should be. They encountered John Goodwill, a dwarf and former companion of Sol. He was fighting some monsters. The group assisted him.

Goodwill had apparently been guarding the orb for Sol and, together with a letter Sol had written earlier, he was able to explain its function. When Valgrind touched the orb, he cringed and made prophecies for each member of the group, repeating the one he made for Rallin earlier. Apparently, the orb was quite potent.

Then, the group was attacked by the Hand of Justice, led by Leopold Ornolf, who was assisted by Wesel Crook. Dustin sacrificed himself so Lianne could escape. Valgrind, acting on his propecy, decided to remain with Dustin. John couldn’t escape in time. The rest fled the scene.

The group fled into the mountain caverns from which they had emerged weeks earlier. Here, they relocated the mysteriously closed door, which could only be opened by an arcane wielder of sufficient power. Oddly, Sol was able to open it. Tattoos appeared across his body for a while.

Behind the door was the private stash of Zanna Wrass, which they robbed. Along the treasure, they found a Dragon Claw. Then, Zanna’s alarm activated and, after Zanna grew increasingly bored with them, they had to fight her. As soon as she became bloodied, she fled, opening a trap door to the underdark. The group managed to escape, however.

Traveling deeper into the caverns, they found the goblin village they had destroyed earlier. It seemed all of its inhabitants had been reanimated as zombies.

One large zombie, who resembled a hobgoblin without a red headband, looked at them menacingly, grinding him teeth…



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