Sixth Session

Tracking Down the Orc Killers

  • Players: HerrWalter, Swordfish, Tijs, monster87
  • Missing: David, MartenS
  • Experience gained/Total experience/Current level: 800/10800/7

How had an orc attack, which the elves had apparently stopped many times before, caused such an amount of destruction?

The village of Falls Hut, burning, had to be evacuated. The group decided to help the panic-stricken elves. Valgrind passed out due to the smoke and shamanic fumes. Before he completely woke up, he started talking in a strange, deep, raspy voice. This is what he said:

  • A man with little knowledge of the world outside his mind
  • He is stubborn and dangerous and deceptively kind
  • A moral compass to his friends, showing them what’s wrong
  • However, he too most learn to behave morally to become strong
  • When faced with a choice to protect or to kill
  • He will also choose which role he will fill
  • The dwarf can become a dark entity of destruction and kill titans left and right
  • Or a servant of the World who knows when to talk and when to fight
  • His friends have an important role to play
  • They’ll have to guide him so that one day
  • The man will become a legend of fighting
  • This dwarf may yet become a titan

Valgrind woke up after saying this. The group took it as a prophecy, and the dwarf in question was probably Rallin. After discussing the prophecy’s meaning for a bit, the group was approached by the shaman Star of the North, who told them the other shaman, Noon Sun, had died. She and the other survivors were heading towards the safest place they knew: west, away from the orcs, towards the eladrin village of Lake Emerald. The group decided to travel east, to find the other elven village that Lianne was looking for.

Rallin led them through the Great Valley safely, until they encountered a pair of ogres. Lianne, who could speak Giant, talked to them and discovered they guarded this pass and they wanted any tresspassers to work for them. They refused and fought the ogres. One was killed, the other fled and called for help.

Knowing many orc camps lay to the north, and going back was not an option, the group fled south, after which Rallin led them back on track. After a while, Lianne recognized the enviroment and they found the elven village Lianne had sought. It had been completely destroyed.

Many elves were crucified, the elder had been mutilated, and a flag rested in his head. Lianne was completely in shock. The others tried to comfort her. They found only one survivor, a little elven boy. They decided to bring him to a nearby elven village. When they arrived there, however, it had been evacuated. Nearby runes explained all elves had fled from the Redhelmet Clan to the goliath. The redhelmets were a clan of orcs led by a newly appointed half-orc. This half-orc seemed to be the same orc who had fired his magic at the gunpowder barrels a few days earlier. The group traveled to the mountains, hoping to find the goliath.

They arrived at the mountains, where they found caverndwelling goliath. One cavern was filled with elves and Lianne made arrangements for the little elven boy. Lianne decided not to try to convert anyone in the goliath caverns. This raised some eyebrows, but nobody tried to talk her into doing it, since most elves seemed very ruffled up and the goliath were very obviously anti-religion, being completely encased in primal spirits.

The group decided to find the redhelmets. What they would do next, they did not know: it could become a covert operation, an attack, or a diplomacy mission, but first they’d try to find them. They first encountered the bluespear clan. They were treated not with hostility, but not with courtsey either.

Niavera and Lianne managed to bluff the bluespear leader that the half-orc leader had betrayed the bluespears and other clans, and that he had left and created a kingdom of his own somewhere else. The bluespear leader sent out a scout force to the redhelmets, and the group was sent with them. When they arrived at the redhelmet village, it turned out to be empty. The bluff had apparently been true! The bluespear scouts scattered, hurrying back to their village, paranoid by this apparent betrayal. Only one scout remained, who tried to keep his prisoners from fleeing. Niavera quickly intimidated him, and the last bluespear scout fled.

The group now find themselves deserted in the middle of a hostile valley, with many enemies in each direction.



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