Third and Fourth Session

To The Underdark and Back

Third Session
  • Players: HerrWalter, Swordfish, Tijs, monster87
  • Missing: MartenS, David
  • Experience gained/Total experience/Current level: 1250/6300/5
Fourth Session
  • Players: HerrWalter, David, Swordfish, Tijs, monster87
  • Missing: MartenS
  • Experience gained/Total experience/Current level: 2050/8350/6

The group started to make their way to the eladrin lake, Lake Emerald.

Rallin soon discovered a river and inflated the boat all by himself. Dustin peddled upstream and so they made their way to the great lake. They entered it to find it covered in mist. They were unable to find the eladrin village, but they did find a drow girl who was being ambushed by a dark snake. Mistaking the drow for an eladrin, the group decided to help her.

After defeating the creature, the drow identified herself as Niavera Xyltyn, a drow fugitive who was now working for the eladrin captain. Her job was to protect the village and the lake from attacks from the underdark.

Niavera took them to the eladrin village, where they met Velindar Cloudshade, the elder of the village. Serving as a tolk was his daughter, Riese Cloudshade. Riese was also captain of the guard.

The eladrin turned out to be against the outlanders. Especially Riese felt so. But none of them had ever thought of willfully attacking Horizon or any of the outlanders. This was partly because Velindar was very much against such hostile actions, hoping the outlanders would be willing to learn from them.

Tyier Highwind was brought before the group. He turned out to be the father of the eladrin necromancer, Sariel Highwind, and her brother, who was called Tyar. After some persuasion, they got some clues as to what threat Tyar was to Horizon. They decided to follow his last tracks: according to his father, he vanished into the Underdark years ago. Velindar and Riese seemed to not have known this.

Using their boat to enter the Underdark via a whirlpool, the group made their way into the maze that is the Underdark. They were assisted by Niavera, who knew a bit of the underground dangers they could face. They stumbled upon one pretty quickly: a band of gnoll slavers.

Although they probably could have taken them, they put a blade to Lianne’s throat after she was knocked unconscious. The party decided to play dirty and surrender only to fight the gnolls again when they had their guard down. To no avail: Lianne was again cornered and used as bait.

The gnolls took the party to a large pit. The leader took of to find a buyer and some help (since the party had killed a few of them). Niavera, who had remained hidden, tried to rescue the others but failed because the gnoll’s hyena caught her scent. Exhausted, the party fell asleep.

Miraculously, the next morning, Niavera was out of the pit, with a rope in her hand. How she got there, she would not tell. She helped the others escape. The group decided to leave the Underdark: there was just too much danger here. After escaping, the group made their way to Horizon. Niavera accompanied them because Velindar had ordered her to listen in on the group’s report to the Horizon leader.

Once they were back in Horizon, the group told the story of the eladrin to Murwin Holly. Balathar Uundyr had left with a halfling employer a day earlier, and Holly was finding it hard to keep discipline already. He told the group all he knew about who arrested them, and gave Niavera a job under captain Akmenos.

It seemed most of the group had been arrested on orders of the VWP. The leaders of the VWP mostly denied that this was so, however. Valgrind had been arrested on orders of the Hand of Justice. Holly told the group that they were no longer criminals, at least in Horizon. He assured them, however, that whatever they were going to do now, going to Windya would get them into trouble. Both the VWP and the HoJ are big organizations, he reasoned, so they’d get arrested pretty quickly.

The group had to make a decision: would they go back to Windya to determine exactly why they were arrested, or would they try to build a new life in Arcada?



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