Mortacn-kos Abhel

Leader of the goblin tribe near Asgard

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  • Mortacn-kos Abhel, level 2
  • Goblin, Sorcerer
  • Spell Source: Wild Magic
  • Str 8, Con 12, Dex 18, Int 13, Wis 11, Cha 17.
Starting Ability Scores
  • Str 8, Con 12, Dex 16, Int 13, Wis 11, Cha 15.

HP: 29, Surges: 7, Surge Value: 7

AC: 15, Fort: 12, Reflex: 16, Will: 16

  • Arcana, Dungeoneering, Intimidate, Diplomacy.
  • 1: Linguist
  • 2: Sorcerous Blade Channeling
  • 1, At-Will: Chaos Bolt
  • 1, At-Will: Storm Walk
  • 1, Encounter: Bedeviling Burst
  • 1, Daily: Chromatic Orb
  • 2, Utility: Unseen Aid
  • Tooth of Chaos Dagger +1, Staff of the War Mage +1

Appeared in session(s): 1

Mortacn-kos Abhel (or Abel for short) is the leader of a group of goblins that live near the Horsefoot Caverns a few kilometers north of Asgard. Though his people are known to be aggressive (if somewhat cowardly), this goblin has seemingly noticed that he can not attack the outlanders without being attacked back in turn. The previous leader, Daran-kos Nurr, had learned this the hard way when he got cleaved in two by a group of outlanders. Mortacn-kos has become much more wary of outright attacking potential slaves and puts the survival of his people first. He was warring with another goblin tribe that are trying to take over the caverns, but these goblins have been killed by a group of outlanders at his request.

Mortacn-kos Abhel

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