Gabriël Lafleur

Martial Man of Mystery


Class Rogue

  • Stats Str 11, Con 8, Dex 21, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 15
  • Hit points 50
  • Healing surges 7
  • Defenses AC 21, fort 14, ref 21, will 16
  • Trained skills Acrobatics, Bluff, Dungeoneering, Perception, Stealth, Streetwise, Thievery
  • Feats Skill Focus (Stealth), Skill Focus (Thievery), Backstabber, Weapon Focus (Light Blade), ?
  • Equipment Dagger, +1 Shortsword, +1 Bloodcut Leather

Attack bonus +13 (shortsword), +13 (dagger)

  • At-will powers Deft Strike, Piercing Strike, Sly Flourish
  • Encounter powers 1 Positioning Strike, 3 Bait and Switch, 7 ?
  • Daily powers 1 Trick Strike, 5 Walking Wounded
  • Utility Powers 2 Fleeting Ghost, 6 Chameleon

A human rogue in his mid fourties. His hair is starting to turn a little grey. He wears baggy clothing and has a very messy appearance, with wild hair and a stubble.

He has a very odd sense of humor, making up stories and making inappropriate remarks whenever he can. He seems to do whatever he feels like, and he doesn’t really care about anything or anyone else, as he nearly left his fellow prisoners to rot as soon as he had the chance to escape. In combat, he uses his (weaker) companions as cover to hide. He uses dirty tricks whenever he can, has no honor and doesn’t play by any rules.

However, he also has a nicer but hard to reach side to him. When Lianne nearly died he decided to give up his chance to escape to help her, even though he had just met her. And he wouldn’t admit it, but he also seemed troubled by the fact that the group killed a few guards during their escape.

According to himself, he doesn’t really have a purpose in life. He has already seen enough of the World as it is (although he claims to be new to Arcada). So he just wanders aimlessly around, always going the same way as the party which is purely a matter of strange coincidence (again according to him). He likes to refer to himsels as “Old Gabriël”, then following that up with strange advice. Sometimes, he tells a strange story about things he has done in the past, which seem completely impossible or at leat very unplausible. But every now and then he does tell the complete unexaggerated truth, making it hard to distinguish when he tells the truth and when he lies.

He has a very relaxed attitude and never really worries about anything at all, believing that everything will just work out fine in the end. He likes to sleep and rest a lot, and he hates manual labor and traveling great distances. Even in hopeless situations he finds something to relax about and manage to find a way to say: “Well, it could be worse”. Worrying too much won’t get one anywhere, so it’s better to have a clear mind about things. The only thing he got angry about until now was the fact that their names couldn’t be cleared because Rallin killed one of the captains, claiming that “his mission just became a lot harder to complete”.

Gabriël Lafleur

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