Riese Cloudshade

Daughter of the lake village's leader

Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&DI Character Builder
  • Riese Cloudshade, level 5
  • Eladrin, Bard
  • Bardic Virtue: Virtue of Valor
  • Str 13, Con 16, Dex 12, Int 13, Wis 10, Cha 17.
Starting Ability Scores
  • Str 13, Con 15, Dex 10, Int 11, Wis 10, Cha 16.

HP: 48, Surges: 10, Surge Value: 12

AC: 20, Fort: 16, Reflex: 16, Will: 18

  • Streetwise, Arcana, Insight, Diplomacy, Athletics, Acrobatics.
  • 1: Ritual Caster
  • 1: Eladrin Soldier
  • 2: Improved Majestic Word
  • 4: Linguist
  • 1, At-Will: Guiding Strike
  • 1, At-Will: War Song Strike
  • 1, Encounter: Inspiring Refrain
  • 1, Daily: Verse of Triumph
  • 2, Utility: Hunter’s Tune
  • 3, Encounter: Charger’s Call
  • 5, Daily: Word of Mystic Warding
  • Ritual Book, Eladrin Chainmail +1, Harsh Songblade Longsword +1, Light Shield of Protection, Safewing Amulet +1

Appeared in session(s): 3, 4, 8

Riese is Velindar’s only daughter. She did receive the same arcane training as his seven sons, but also became an excellent swordsman. She learned to speak common when she met a human outlander some thirty years ago. This human was a robber and a opportunist, and Riese’s view of outlanders was heavily influenced by him. She now seeks a way to get the outlanders to leave.

Riese guards her people devotedly and has slain many foes, but she most fervently hunts the drow. She has found several passages to the Underdark and has them guarded by her soldiers to prevent her village from getting assaulted unexpectedly.

Riese Cloudshade

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