Sol Gazer

Divine wanderer


Class Cleric

  • Stats Str 20 Con 10, Dex 9, Int 12, Wis 16, Cha 14
  • Hit points 59
  • Healing surges 7
  • Defenses AC 26, fort 22, ref 20, will 22
  • Trained skills Religion, Arcana, Insight, Intimidate, Heal, Nature
  • Feats Ritual Casting, Expert Ritualist, Shield Proficiency (light), Shield Proficiency (heavy), Human Perseverence, Skill Focus (Heal), Defender of the Wild
  • Equipment +2 Vicious Dagger, +2 Elven Battle Hide, +2 Holy Symbol, Heavy Shield, Cloak of Survival +2, Belt of Vigor

Attack bonus +15 (dagger, STR), +10 (implement, WIS)

  • At-will powers Righteous Brand, Priest Shield, Sacred Flame
  • Encounter powers 1 Healing Strike , 3 Split the Sky, 7 Strengthen the Faithful
  • Daily powers 1 Beacon of Hope, 5 Rune of Peace
  • Utility Powers 2 Shield of Faith, 6 Cure Serious Wounds

Sol Gazer is a human cleric who follows Ioun. He looks like a friendly man in his middle ages with Hide Armor and a dagger on his side. His strange blue eyes and purplish white hair however carry a strangeness that does not seem natural to his appearance.

He seems to have befriended the party easily enough and has something good to say about all of them. The party has met him under strange circumstances though, he knew where he could send people to get them and then would not come out of the cell he supposedly put himself in, because the lock told him not to. He acts strange and is considered by some to be a madman, but made good friends with Gabriel and Rallin, who seem to take him more seriously…

Sol has a way with rituals and he owns a ritual book full of rare and unique inscriptions, in which he is seen reading often. Magic seems strangely intertwined with his life and he is often found gazing in the distance thinking about past and future events with a troubled look on his face.

Sol Gazer

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