Tag: leader


  • Mortacn-kos Abhel

    *Appeared in session(s)*: 1 Mortacn-kos Abhel (or Abel for short) is the leader of a group of goblins that live near the Horsefoot Caverns a few kilometers north of Asgard. Though his people are known to be aggressive (if somewhat cowardly), this …

  • Velindar Cloudshade

    *Appeared in session(s):* 3, 4 The leader of the eladrin tribe that lives on Lake Emerald, an old and wise shaman and wizard. His most outstanding quality is his relentless optimism. Velindar doesn't speak Common, but he uses his daughter to translate …

  • Yaga Uru-noka

    *Appeared in session(s)*: 8 Yaga is the gnome leader who finally ended the uneasy cooperation between the illithid and the gnome. He is a master swordsman and very manipulative.