Arcada is the southern continent of World, called ‘The Given Land’ by its inhabitants. In it, you can find isolated communities of eladrin, elves, gnomes, goliath, and shifters. These races have lived their lives in the traditions of their people for many years. That is, until the Windyans arrived.

The history of Arcada is one of slow but peaceful progress, though even most Arcadians themselves know relatively little of their own history.

Arcada contains many beautiful and untouched miracles of nature.

Arcada’s recorded history goes back to the year 4072, when it was discovered.

Though the Arcadans have no religion in the same way Windyans have, they are very attuned to the primal world. Barbarians, druids, rangers, shamans and wardens are therefore held in great respect. Arcada also has many practitioners of the arcane arts, that have been studied much more intesively on this continent than on Windya. There are bards, warlocks and wizards here, in addition to ‘Wild Magic sorcerers’.


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