Windya is the northern continent of the World. In it, you can find dragonborn, dwarfs, halflings, humans and tieflings, coexisting in relative peace. In the last dozen decennia, these races have started making amazing discovery after amazing discovery. There are many large cities.

Windya’s history is one of many accounts of war, where fighting erupted between the different races themselves or between the (some of the) races and kobolds or dragons. Because of all this warfare, Windya has trained many fighters, rogues and warlords. Occasionaly, powerful evokers turn up. They are called ‘Dragon sorcerers’ because they have the same powers as dragons do.

Windya’s recorded history goes back to the year 0.

Religion is very important in Windya. There are many churches, all training clerics, paladins, avengers and invokers.


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