KEYGATE is a DnD 4E campaign with a focus on cultural differences and adaptation.

Currently, we have four players. Two other players have dropped out due to real life catching up with them:

It is set in a world simply called ‘the World’, that consists of two continents: Windya and Arcada.

The protagonists meet up in a jail cell, all innocently locked up. After their escape, they decide to travel together, forming a band of adventurers.

What adventures lie in store for them? Which role will they play in the culture clash between Windya and Arcada? And why were they arrested in the first place?

The name ‘Keygate’, as of yet, means nothing.

  1. First session: 02-10-09
  2. Second session: 09-10-09
  3. Third session: 16-10-09
  4. Fourth session: 18-10-09
  5. Fifth session: 25-10-09
  6. Sixth session: 01-11-09
  7. Seventh session: 13-11-09
  8. Eight session: 29-11-09
  9. Nineth session: 11-12-09
  10. Next session: 20-12-09


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