Fifth Session

Elves versus Orcs

  • Players: HerrWalter, Swordfish, Tijs, monster87
  • Missing: David, MartenS
  • Experience gained/Total experience/Current level: 1650/10000/7

The group had to make a decision: would they go back to Windya to determine exactly why they were arrested, or would they try to build a new life in Arcada?

Evntually, they decided, Windya would have to be their destination. But because it was still quite dangerous there, they would wait for now. Lianne very much wanted to go to an elven village, and so Gabriel led the group to a bar, hoping to get some information on the location of a nearby village. Before Lianne could protest, they had entered a bar full of drunk, abrasive and harassing folk. Everybody except Gabriel himself seemed to hate it. They did however meet a nice man who offered them all a drink. It turned out he had been stalling, however. Suddenly, the bar was empty. The nice man quickly left. An old man entered. He warned to group, especially Lianne: “Stay out of Horizon or Windya. There are some who wish to harm you. It is important you stay away.” The group fled the bar afterwards and saw how several guards now came running towards the bar.

And so the group left on a whim. Lianne remembered an elven village to the east. Traveling eastward, they encountered the river again and followed it to north in search of a way to cross. They finally found a bunch of stepstones, near the coast, just past a fall.

An elf appeared from behind the fall. He interrogated the group, asking them if they were guests. He didn’t trust Niavera, but he did trust Lianne immediately. Lianne told the elf they were guests and so they entered the cave behind the fall, which turned out to be an elven village.

After introducing themselves in an elaborate, telepathic guest-welcoming ritual, Lianne started to convert the elves. She told them that they should be following the gods of Windya. She made a very convincing argument, and many elves seemed very intrigued, especially by the teachings of Sehanine. The elven shamen, Star of the North and Noon Sun, however, were not pleased. But just when things were starting to get ugly, a group of orcs attacked.

The elves used a tactic they had seemingly used before: they dropped a lot of rocks down a pit, blocking the fall entrance. However, the orcs had gunpowder (a technology they should not have by any rights) and blew up this improvised wall, attacking the elves.

The group decided they would help the elves, as they were no match for the savage orcs. It was a hardfought battle. Gabriel tried to go out through the fall, possibly to flee, possibly to see how many more there were. He found three more barrels of gunpowder, and suddenly another orc showed up, firing a strange apparatus at the barrels. The cave exploded and Gabriel was lunged into the air. The orc fled.

Gabriel and Rallin, who was also caught in the explosion, were saved by Lianne. The elven village was partly but not completely destroyed. Many elves had died protecting it. The group had survived the battle, but just barely. How had an orc attack, which the elves had apparently stopped many times before, caused such an amount of destruction?h2. Your title here…



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