Windya's history

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This section provides detailed looks at some of the more important things to have happened in Windya. Since currently, Lianne is the only character with training in the History skill, most of this section is what she has told the rest of the party. There will also be pieces of information here provided by NPCs.

The story of Andromeda, told by Lianne, session 2

In the year 409, the war that would later be known as the Second Flamewar, between the dragonborn of Arkhosia and the tieflings of Bael Turath, had made many, many victims on both sides. The daughter of the tiefling general, a pretty girl named Andromeda, was at home when she received news of her father’s dead. Heartbroken, she put on a pink cloak the same day and traveled to the then-king of Arkhosia, Yazado the Sparkling.

Yazado was a bloodthirsty king, bent on destroying the tieflings for their deal with evil. He had a son, Yaddan, who was suffering from a terrible disease. They were both in the throne room when Andromeda was brought in. Andromeda had gained entrance to the castle by getting herself arrested. She had then demanded to speak to the king because she was the general’s daughter. In a rousing speech, she plead with Yazado, asking him, his son and the vizier if they too thought that the war had gone on for long enough. Surely, there was no need for more victims? Cruelly, the king laughed at her and sent her to a cell.

When Yazado’s son, Yaddan, came to see Andromeda, he apologized for his father. Andromeda saw Yaddan was sick, and using the demonic powers she was born with, she transferred that sickness to herself. “I have nothing left to live for,” she said. “But you will have to correct your fathers mistakes one day.” Yaddan was shocked. He pleaded with his father, who at first couldn’t believe it. When Andromeda died two months later, Yazado finally understood he had made a mistake, and offered a quickly accepted truce to the leaders of Bael Turath.

This is how Andromeda, a simple tiefling girl, singlehandedly ended the Second Flamewar.

Windya's history

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